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July 2019

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New QUERI Implementation Strategy Training Hubs

The goal of the QUERI Implementation Strategy Training Hubs is to demystify implementation science by offering opportunities for clinicians and researchers to learn how to deploy effective practices using specific implementation strategies (i.e., tools or methods that help existing providers adopt effective practices). QUERI Training Hubs use evidence-based implementation strategies and are coordinated by the Center for Evaluation and Implementation Resources (CEIR), and employ the updated QUERI Implementation Roadmap (see above article).

Launched in 2017 as part of an integrated QUERI effort to enable the rapid implementation of research evidence into routine VA clinical practice, CEIR provides a centralized source of products and services to allow VA policymakers, managers, and researchers to:

  • Identify optimal implementation strategies to deploy evidence-based practices at a national level across multiple sites and settings;
  • Develop sustainable implementation strategies (or in some cases, to de-implement low-value care) for long-term change in provider behavior; and
  • Link to a coordinated network of evaluation and implementation experts for support.

These implementation experts now include investigators from the following QUERI Training Hubs.

Behavioral Health Training Hub

Located in Little Rock, AR, the Behavioral Health QUERI Implementation Facilitation training hub will provide implementation facilitation (IF) training to VA and non-VA trainees to improve knowledge of and confidence in using IF to implement evidence-based practices and other clinical innovations. Implementation facilitation bundles an integrated set of activities to support the uptake of effective healthcare practices, including but not limited to: engaging stakeholders, identifying champions, action planning, staff training, academic detailing, problem-solving, providing technical support, audit/feedback, and marketing. BH-QUERI investigators also will:

  • Conduct independent evaluation to assess the impact on trainee’s IF knowledge and skills and identify training strategies and resources that work well, in addition to areas for improvement;
  • Develop, pilot, and evaluate virtual IF training components (i.e., new tools and resources); and
  • Revise and update the IF Training Program to integrate new knowledge.

Leading Healthcare Improvement Training Hub

Located in Houston, TX, the Leading Healthcare Improvement: Leadership Training for Applying Improvement Strategies training hub integrates the strength of evidence-based quality improvement and leadership skills for change management to successfully implement best practices and focus resources within VA more efficiently. Both strategies have been used to implement and sustain change in healthcare settings, but an integrated training in these two areas has not existed previously. Specific objectives of this training hub include building relationships with leadership at QUERI and the Diffusion of Excellence (DOE) program to facilitate recruitment and training of Gold Status Fellows. The Diffusion of Excellence Initiative helps identify and disseminate best practices through a learning environment that empowers its top performers to apply their innovative ideas throughout the VA healthcare system. This training will be implemented with frontline providers in VA facilities that are implementing Gold Status Practices as well as with VA’s National TeleStroke Program.

Evidence-based Quality Improvement Training Hub

Located in Los Angeles, CA, the Evidence-Based Quality Improvement Strategy Learning Network Hub (EBQI Hub) will address multilevel health system challenges by training leaders, providers, and staff who are not currently equipped to address them. In addition, the EBQI Hub will support modernizing systems and focusing resources more efficiently by training, supporting, and motivating leaders, providers, and staff to identify, address, and solve problems through an evidence-based, multilevel, stakeholder-driven approach to implement needed improvements and innovations. The EBQI Hub team will provide virtual EBQI training nationally to at least 300 participants using:

  • Distance-learning technology, including four 90-minute live webinar modules;
  • EBQI SharePoint site with both training materials and EBQI tools; and
  • Telephone and online-based help desk staffed by the expert Hub team.

The EBQI Hub also will provide guided mentorship to at least 12 trainees and/or teams, including Diffusion of Excellence Initiative Gold Status Fellows, who have applied for six months of mentorship for a clearly specified innovation. The Diffusion of Excellence Initiative was created to identify and disseminate innovative practices, as well as to standardize those that promote positive outcomes for all Veterans using the VA healthcare system.

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