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Quality Enhancement Research Initiative

QUERI E-news
March 2021

QUERI Highlights Implementation and Evaluation Science
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The QUERI Implementation Roadmap

Produced by implementation scientists at QUERI’s Center for Evaluation and Implementation Resources (CEIR), with contributions from more than 50 multi-disciplinary experts and health system leaders, the QUERI Implementation Roadmap reduces the gap between evidence and practice through strong quality improvement efforts. The Roadmap drives the adoption of high-value research innovations by empowering frontline providers, researchers, administrators, health system leaders, as well as Veterans and their families. With a focus on the development of practical products, including an implementation playbook and a data-driven evaluation plan to support further scale-up and spread of an effective practice, the Roadmap is uniquely suited for use in real-world settings.

QUERI Implementation Roadmap

How implementation strategies and multiple stakeholder involvement accelerate quality improvement in a Learning Healthcare System.

QUERI Implementation Roadmap

The Roadmap is essential to a learning organization because without implementation planning at all levels of the health system, it can take years for a fraction of effective health care practices to reach patients who need them the most. The QUERI Implementation Roadmap will:

  • Facilitate a stepwise approach for aligning multi-level stakeholders around common goals, data, and metrics for monitoring progress and benchmarking success.
  • Demonstrate how implementation may inform future research discovery.
  • Support the deployment of promising innovations that address a time-sensitive health system priority without waiting for “perfect” evidence.
  • Emphasize sustainability, including evaluating the costs and return on investment of implementing and maintaining an effective practice over time.

A guide to the  QUERI Roadmap de-mystifies the application of implementation strategies and rigorous evaluation of these efforts to support and empower practitioners and inform policy and population health improvements. Combining real-world experience with state-of-the art implementation and quality improvement science, the QUERI Roadmap Guide makes implementation science usable and practical for investigators and practitioners to the ultimate benefit of patients.  

A comprehensive guide for utilizing the QUERI Implementation Roadmap can be found on the QUERI website here.

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